About us

How Golf Tracking Academy was founded

I have been playing golf for almost 15 years. Like a lot of other players, I had periods when I played and coached more or less. I remember well the moments when I discovered some guaranteed advice on how to train on the Internet or in a magazine, and I soon tried to bring driving to life. The balls I fired so that I could finally find out that I didn't really know if I was training well.
I like when things have their development and direction, but golf has often been frustrating in that direction. I lacked specific feedback - if I omit the "eye" and sometimes a video from the coach.
Over time, I became interested in various training aids and procedures that would move me forward. I was looking for something specific, not just feelings. I tried several applications for shooting golf swings, etc... until I finally asked myself a question:
What is the world's best golf aid used by TOP PGA and LPGA players?
And then it went relatively fast:
  • .... in December 2019, I ordered Trackman4 ... but it didn't just happen.
  • .... we discovered the best traveling measuring devices Quintic and Laser Aim Board
  • ..... I was fascinated by the portable "pressure matv " Boditrak, which measures the weight transfer
  • ..... and because we all want to fire as far as possible and it needs swing speed, I added SuperSpeedGolf
In the Czech Republic (and in Central and Eastern Europe) there are only a few coaches who have this equipment and offer it for training. I took a course as a golf instructor, a golf referee, and eventually took courses and obtained certificates so that I could understand all the numbers from the devices and use them to improve my game.
We saw the great interest of other players in the training of myself and my son Patrick and I decided to offer everything to other players who are looking for specific feedback .. and so in January 2020 the idea arose to establish a Golf Tracking Academy. Subsequently, it took another 4 months before everything was prepared and in May 2020 we were able to start offering our services in the area of ​​Golf Club Mstětice.
Golf is my hobby and especially fun. I look at golf with "common sense" and use the experience gained from almost 15 years of observing training and completing many, many tournaments of my son, who is now on HCP 0 and continues to use the devices in his training. I have no ambition to "get involved" with professional coaches, but I will be happy if our devices help to streamline the training efforts of players and need to motivate them more to play and move them forward.


Stan Pečinka
CEO / owner