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TrackMan: analyzes the swing in detail

TrackMan can measure and analyze your entire stroke. All the details that people are not able to record with the naked eye are captured and immediately evaluated accurately. TrackMan creates a 3D simulation of the ball's flight trajectory in real time and recommends changes to your swing - in 26 parameters.

For example, what will you learn immediately?

Introducing TrackMan

Description and explanation of Trackman parameters

Quintic Ball Roll: perfectly evaluates your putt

Thanks to the Quintic device, the player improves his key final stroke ( putt) so that the ball always ends in the hole. The analysis is provided by a high-speed camera working at 1080 frames per second, which is able to capture in detail how the stroke of the putter affects the direction and rotation of the ball. Graphic and numerical data are immediately displayed in the form of detailed analysis.

BodiTrak: analyzes weight transfer

Boditrak is a revolutionary innovation that analyzes the transfer of weight during a swing or putt, interaction with the ground and the use of the pressure force of the feet to achieve an optimal golf shot. It is a "pressure mat" with motion sensors that record information about balance and weight distribution during the swing. Boditrak uses smart fabric technology and, thanks to the software, displays everything in real time, along with a video of the swing.

SuperSpeed: increases swing speed

SuperSpeed ​​is a specialized tool that allows the player to increase the speed of his swing. Real improvement results range from 5% to 8% in 4 weeks. Increasing the swing speed by 10 mpH will extend your shot by 27 meters.