Golf Tracking Academy motto:

Stop guessing, start tracking & improving your golf



GOLF TRACKING ACADEMY is a training place with a friendly atmosphere and the most modern golf tracking equipment - Trackman, Quintic, BodiTrak, SuperspeedGolf, LaserAIm Board - which reliably analyse your every golf shot and improve your game.

Training with these devices is suitable and useful for players of all performance categories.

In the season we will be happy to welcome you in the area of ​​Golf Club Mstětice. From October to the end of March in Golf Indoor Step, Prague 9.

How do modern measuring instruments help players?

Immediate shot tracking

TrackMan records 26 shot parameters and allows the player to shoot up to 6 cameras at once. Quintic measures 43 putt parameters and compares them numerically and graphically with ideal values.

Immediate shot evaluation

The devices evaluate the shot immediately. They compare and determine the parameters that need to be improved in order to achieve the optimal result, given the given physical parameters of the player.

A quick way to improvement

Because the analysis is instantaneous and the instruments show the optimal path, an improvement can be seen with each subsequent stroke. There is no need to hit hundreds of balls, the results can be seen in a few minutes.

Versatility of use

Measurement is useful for everyone, from beginners to professionals. It is used to train overall golf performance (TrackMan Target range, On course practice, Test center). To compare results with other players around the world (TrackMan Combine test). And it is possible to use them individually or in a group (TrackMan simulator, Closest to pin, 3par courses)

What makes our academy unique?


Wide range of devices focused on all aspects of golf swing and game.

Quality of devices

The devices are used by all top PGA players as well as LPGA players.

Year-round use

You can train with our devices in summer and winter, outdoor and indoor.


We will evaluate the results immediately after the training and send them by email.

Devices to help improve your game

An overview of the devices that I have available for you


What customers have written about us

A complete bomb. No bullshit around, numbers and absolutely clear data on what's wrong. For me, an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to improve faster.

Vladimír Vencálek

I definitely recommend, after many years of playing I finally found out that I'm doing everything wrong :) Standa is a professional and I'll be happy to go back there!!

Michael Bezdek

Professional equipment, professional approach. Decent behavior, diligence in explaining values ​​on the monitor and subsequent tips for eliminating errors. 100% recommend!

František Vymětal

Super golf aid. Lots of great metrics with the ability to view video of individual shots.

Petr Sýkora